Advantages at a glance

Sophisticated and international solutions

An array of national and international payment methods, numerous transaction and payment currencies, and the coverage of Europe plus the USA and Canada are the basis for being able to meet even the most demanding requirements. This is why we have repeatedly earned recognition as the top provider for international merchants and are the exclusive partner for card acceptance solutions in Deutsche Bank's Global Transaction Banking division for Europe.

Higher sales and minimized risk of loss

Appeal to a much broader target group and take advantage of your opportunity to generate higher sales. The optimum payment methods are decided and compiled based on your requirements profile. Our fraud prevention measures can reduce the E-commerce default risk considerably.

Significantly reduced expense and less complexity

The national markets and various sales channels are growing ever closer together. And payment transactions need to keep up with this. Our full-service offering reduces system complexity and noticeably cuts your management costs for service providers and interfaces.

Simple and customized solutions

Concentrate on your core competency and trust in our expert customer care by a single contact person for the administration of your payments. We address your individual needs flexibly as well as offering incredibly simple solutions. For instance, you can opt to forego the complex PCI certifications, or profit from the advantages of seamlessly meshing services optimized for you and your systems.

More transparency and streamlined processes

Experience interactive reporting and full transparency thanks to our highly efficient online administration tools. We offer you the opportunity to process and avoid chargebacks online, as well as the proactive provision of all available information. So you can potentially save lots of money thanks to streamlined processes. If you wish, our service can stretch all the way up to the outsourcing of the entire accounts receivable management process for your CNP business.

Peace of mind and reliability

The EVO acquiring platform is the only one in Europe to have been consistently certified to the important security standard PCI DSS since 2004. Furthermore, it scores maximum points when it comes to technical availability and informs you proactively should there ever be any malfunctions. This means that not only your sensitive data, but also that of your customers, are in safe hands with us.