Anna Bejaoui from EVO Payments on the Corona crisis and the future of cash

„Even though Germans love to use cash, they are increasingly opening up to other payment methods.“ - Interview with ECC-Club-Member Anna Bejaoui, EVO Payment Intenational GmbH 

Especially in the context of the corona crisis, consumers are increasingly encouraged to forego cash. That's why we spoke to Anna Bejaoui, General Manager at EVO Payments, about cashless and contactless payments and the options for implementation, even for small retailers.

As part of the shutdown measures to contain the corona virus, many shops have had to close. Small businesses in particular are now facing major challenges even after reopening. What do you think companies should do to stay in business anyway?

Anna Bejaoui: It's important to check your own service at the POS and adapt it to changing customer needs. One such service is to offer customers cashless payment. Since cashless payment, especially contactless payment, is much more hygienic than handling cash, more and more customers are asking for it. At the same time, the contactless payment process is much faster, which saves time for the customer and the retailer. If products are sold online, it is important to offer the most popular online payment methods in order to avoid aborted purchases. Being able to offer the right payment options can significantly influence the decision to purchase.

Especially The topic of "contactless payments" is currently becoming more and more in focus in 2020. Many supermarkets are asking their customers to pay with EC cards and more shops are introducing cashless payments. How can the small café next door also be able to offer such a service?

Anna Bejaoui: Integrating contactless payment is really easy. Not only chain stores, but also the small café can offer this service very easily. We offer various individual solutions and are happy to advise our customers personally. We can work out a suitable product solution in a discussion. Many companies that want to offer cashless payment for the first time have many questions regarding what could work best for their particular sales environment. We are always happy to advise customers and help them find the optimal solution.  In the current situation, it can also be very difficult to estimate the expected turnover and number of transactions. If the business develops differently than originally expected, our solutions are flexible and can be easily adapted.

While in America even the smallest amounts can be paid by credit card as a matter of course, Germany still lags behind in this respect. How do you see cash and payments in the future?

Anna Bejaoui: It is to be expected that the Corona crisis will cause consumers to abandon their reservations about contactless payment and continue to appreciate the benefits associated with it in the future. We also see the increase in limits for contactless card payments as a positive sign. Higher limits encourage consumers to make contactless payments even more frequently and even though Germans love to use cash, they are increasingly opening up to other payment methods and integrating them into their everyday lives as a matter of course.

What role does membership of the ECC Club play for you at this unusual time?

Anna Bejaoui: Thanks to access to the latest studies on retail and consumers, we are always well-informed and can react quickly to current trends. This important information as well as valuable industry insights are of particular benefit to us in product development and marketing. In addition, we appreciate the exchange within the ECC Club, which is now cooperating more closely than ever. 

Source: IFH Köln – ECC Köln Blog (Link)

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