EVO Payments shows the way to the optimal payment solution

When choosing methods of payment companies have to be on the lookout for a variety of things.

The demands on payment systems for online trading are on the rise. In this interview the General Manager of EVO Payments Germany, Anna Bejaoui, explains which points merchants should keep in mind here and what questions they should ask future payment service providers.

What should merchants be looking out for when seeking suitable payment solutions?

Anna Bejaoui: when merchants are interested in a suitable payment solution, they should bear in mind the following points.
Sales channel: Are goods being sold in retail trading, online, by telephone or rather via catalogue? Or even via several sales channels? When using several sales channels is an omni channel solution useful/required?
Sector: Are digital goods being sold, for which various methods of payment such as purchase on account might not also be advisable? Are subscriptions being sold, which means assistance in regular collection is needed?
Risks: How high is the risk of fraud? Must payment be secured?
Administrative burden: Are receipts of payment to be managed by the merchants themselves or is processing required via a payment service provider?
Implementation costs: Are there development resources available for online sales, which means that various methods of payment can be technically individually linked or is an interface required for all methods of payment? Or is a complete shop solution used? The more important the individuality of the merchant’s online presence is, the higher the costs.
Payment service provider: Does the payment service provider advise you and does he ensure that payment services are readily available? 
Customer expectation: Which methods of payment do the customers expect? A crucial factor is which countries the shoppers are ordering from. The way they prefer to pay and the resulting expectations of both merchants and customers concerning payment solutions vary greatly.

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"The methods of payment offered must match the merchant’s business model and corporate goals“.
Anna Bejaoui, General Manager of EVO Payments Germany.

And why are individual solutions so important?

Anna Bejaoui: Merchants should keep a close eye on the effect the payment methods offered are having on their conversion rate, the risk of non-payment and their return rates.  

Which types of acceptance are especially important for merchants in Germany?

Anna Bejaoui: In the retail trade the girocard is overtaking ELV and the credit card only occupies third place. Contactless payment is becoming more important due to the speed and high degree of convenience. In eCommerce purchasing on account, PayPal, direct debit, credit card and paying in instalments are the most popular. Furthermore, Apple Pay and Google Pay are gaining in popularity in retail trading, quite unlike in German eCommerce.

Which pricing model is better? A fixed monthly rate or charges? 

Anna Bejaoui: That mainly depends on the size of the shopping basket. Here at EVO we can advise the customer and offer an individual solution.  


With EVO COLLECT the merchant is able to send registered customers requests for payment via email and messaging services. The recipient can then arrange payment direct from his or her Smartphone or computer. EVO COLLECT is of interest to all those who would like to send their customers virtual requests for payment via email or SMS. EVO COLLECT offers the perfect set-up. This way one of the things shoppers can do is make regular payments in advance, as is required, for instance, for boxes of food or by local suppliers of vegetable crates. As well as this, service providers in the customers‘ local area, wishing to send them an invoice direct from there or alternatively restaurants or merchants, requiring deposits for reservations can all profit from EVO COLLECT.


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