Fast, easy and electronic – this is how 50% of Germans prefer to pay when shopping online

The current study by EVO Payments takes a closer look at the attitude of Europeans towards different payment methods: How do Germans actually prefer to pay? Are there differences between online and offline shopping?

When Germans shop online, they prefer to pay directly, easily and electronically. This is confirmed by almost 54% of the participants surveyed in the latest study "The Attitude of Europeans to Payment Methods", which was conducted by EVO® in a total of 14 European countries. In addition, about three quarters of Germans surveyed (79%) perceive places where they spend time, such as retail, service or restaurant establishments, as "modern, contemporary and customer-oriented" if electronic payment methods are offered. 


Attitudes towards payment methods – scientifically analysed

The main objective of the study was to gain new insights about the awareness, use and preferences of the European population regarding different payment methods, both online and offline. A standardized psychological procedure with proven reliability and validity, developed by Professor Grażyna Wąsowicz, who specializes in the field of economic psychology and in particular the psychology of money, served as the basic module of the study. This is a questionnaire on the relationship with money (Wąsowicz-Kiryło, 2013), which includes 33 statements that allow measurement on 9 scales.

"Unlike other studies, our results are not only based on purely statistical and scientific surveys, but also on methodologies from everyday psychology that deal with people's experience and behaviour under everyday conditions. This is an exciting aspect that sheds light on people's attitudes towards payment methods in a completely different way," says Jan Eric Bollig, Head of Marketing & Communication at EVO Payments.


The situation in Germany

The general, quite unsurprising finding: Germans see money primarily as a means of creating value, but at the same time they try to control their spending according to the simple principle of not letting their impulses lead them too far when spending money. In their opinion, money provides a sense of independence and enables the realisation of values as well as the realisation of a comfortable life. In general, a basic sceptical attitude of Germans towards financial institutions could be identified.


More exciting facts about the payment behaviour of Germans:

  • 58 % of Germans make contactless payments with credit or debit cards at least 2-3 times a week.
  • A clear differentiator for the German market compared to other European countries: 35 % of respondents indicate contactless payment as their preferred payment method (vs. 63 % in other countries). The reasons for the choice are "ease of use", "convenience" and "speed/time saving".
  • Germans, on the other hand, are undecided about the use of "cash vs. cashless means of payment": Almost 50% of Germans prefer cashless payment methods - the other half prefers paying with cash. In other countries, the proportion of people who want to pay without cash is significantly higher (56%).
  • For payments up to EUR 1, almost 4 out of 5 Germans opt for cash. Slightly fewer, but still most (2/3) opt for cash when paying up to EUR 5. For higher expenses (more than 20 EUR), the preference for cash decreases. Amounts of more than EUR 100 would be paid electronically without cash by almost half of Germans – and only 16% want to pay with cash.

"As our new study shows, cashless payment methods are increasingly becoming the first choice of Germans. It is recognisable that fear of contact, scepticism and hurdles are being reduced more and more – the German market is becoming more open and is finally getting ready for contactless, electronic payment solutions. This is not only a welcome development from the point of view of payment providers, but also opens the door for a new generation of modern payment processing, which is essential for merchants to keep up with international e-commerce competition and survive in the long term," says Anna Bejaoui, General Manager at EVO Payments. "Developments in other European countries allow us to foresee that further long-term growth in cashless payments can also be expected in Germany."



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