Data security for POS

Comply with legal requirements easily. How to comply with data protection guidelines:

With every cashless payment, cardholder data is passed on. That's why it's important as a merchant to adhere to the data protection guidelines specified as part of the card payment process. So that you don't lose track of the guidelines, we have put together a small guide for you.

Documents you should always have on hand at your chash desk

  • an information sheet with all important content about the acquirer, data protection officers and responsible supervisory authorities.
  • a privacy statement  for your customers. This is the privacy policy for cardholders regarding the data collected in the course of card payment.

Cash register display for your retail store

  • a checkout stand for accepting cashless payments incl. credit card acceptance via EVO Payments.
  • a checkout stand for accepting cashless payments without credit card acceptance via EVO Payments.

Both displays are provided with a QR code that leads to our privacy policy. Print out the display that matches your payment methods and place it in a clearly visible position in the checkout area. With a few simple steps you are legally on the safe side.

If you process credit card payments via a different payment service provider, please use the EVO checkout display without credit card acceptance. You can obtain the relevant information sheet and the appropriate display for credit card acceptance from your provider.

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