Borderless payment at eCommerce Expo 2016 – International E-Commerce Payment Gateway for every sector

Cologne and London, September 22, 2016 – EVO Payments International showcases E-commerce solutions for international payment transactions from September 28 to 29, 2016 at the eCommerce Expo in London.

Numerous success stories from European online merchants are closely related to the payment solutions from EVO Payments International. Whether a major player or regional supplier – anyone offering their products and services across international borders requires an international payment solution. With its International E-Commerce Payment Gateway, EVO offers all of the important options for borderless payment transactions in online commerce.

The different payment preferences in various countries make a nuanced payment portfolio necessary, which is offered by this solution. With the easy implementation and numerous fraud prevention measures, merchants reduce their costs considerably.

The shops' shopping cart values and the use of various payment procedures vary depending on purchaser, the product selected or the country. "With less appealing payment processes and alternatives, cancelled purchases are inevitable", explains Nicole Mantow, General Manager and Managing Director of EVO. EVO's E-commerce customers benefit from simple and seamless integration into existing online shops and an appealing solution to the data storage problem, PCI DSS.

EVO showcases the International E-Commerce Payment Gateway – Smart Pay GUI – live at stand E1385. The easy and quickly integrable connection for CNP transactions is of interest to mid-sized merchants in Germany and throughout Europe. The most popular payment methods and proven fraud prevention measures are supported. You can find information about EVO's Smart Pay GUI online under