Card-based sales in German brick-and-mortar retail are still growing: 2016 saw an increase of EUR 9.1 billion to a total of EUR 187 billion. This accounts for 45.6 percent (2015: 44.5 percent) of the total sales in retail transactions, which amount to EUR 410 billion.

The reason given by the EHI (European Retail Institute) study "Card-based payment systems in retail 2017" for this positive trend is the Interchange regulation, which, among other things, led to a rise in credit card acceptance among merchants. The share of sales rose to 6.1 percent in total. The results of the study also show a clear growth in sales for the girocard system of Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (German Banking Industry Committee). With an increase of EUR 9.4 billion to a total of EUR 101 billion, girocard's share of sales is almost one quarter (24.6 percent). One in four euros in retail are currently spent using a debit card and PIN. The EHI survey also analyzed the market for established payment service providers: EVO Payments International has positioned itself among the top ten credit card acquirers for large trading companies.

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