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Contactless payment

Faster payment processes at the POS

With your EVO Payments card payment terminal you can now also make payments with contactless cards. This means you are well prepared for the future and save time with every payment transaction. More and more customers are already using contactless payment and every day they are getting more and more.


Payments are possible with just one hand movement – easy and convenient in less than 1 second


Your customers pay amounts of up to 25 euros without PIN or signature


Payments are made securely via NFC (Near Field Communication)


Of course, contactless cards can still be used with chip and PIN or chip and signature

How is a contactless card used?

Your customer simply holds the contactless Mastercard or Visa card to the reader of your EVO card payment terminal, which displays this icon. The successful payment will then be confirmed on the display and you will receive your customer and dealer receipt as usual. A customer's signature or PIN entry is only required if requested by the EVO card payment terminal. As a rule, transactions of up to EUR 25 do not require a PIN or an additional signature.

With contactless payment, you are already well prepared for payment procedures such as ApplePay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, which are also based on the NFC (Near Field Communication) principle.

Can I also accept girocard contactless cards?

girocard contactless cards as well as mobile girocards (e.g. Apps) can be accepted by all terminals.

How secure is contactless payment?

Contactless payment offers you the full security of the established EMV chip technology. The communication between EVO card payment terminal and card is carried out via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Communication is only possible if the card is held very close to the EVO card payment terminal (maximum distance of 3-4 cm). This excludes accidental payments. The card must also be uniquely identifiable. It is not possible to hold several cards at the same time to the contactless card reader and thus make a payment.

How do I recognize a contactless card?

Pay attention to this symbol on the card. More and more cards in Germany, Europe and worldwide are equipped with the contactless payment function and make it easier for you to pay at the point of sale:

Where can I find further information?

Learn more about contactless payment with Mastercard: Mastercard contactless

Learn more about contactless payment with Visa: contactless payments with Visa