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News from Mastercard for 2022

The new year also starts with innovations for credit card organizations and credit card issuers (card-issuing banks). At EVO Payments, we want our merchants to always be top informed. That is why we are now providing our merchants with an overview of the most important updates from the credit card organizations at routine intervals, free of charge as a service.  


New for merchants who offer Mastercard payments only at POS (acceptance with terminals):

  • From January 1, 2022 in Poland and from March 1, 2022 in Germany, the allocation cluster "Transactional" will be adjusted.
  • From March 1, 2022, the allocation cluster "Chip & Contactless Payment" will be adjusted across Europe.

New for merchants who offer Mastercard payments only in the online store:

  • From January 1, 2022, the new allocation cluster "3DS" will also apply across Europe.

New for merchants who offer omnichannel Mastercard payments:

  • From January 1, 2022, Mastercard is adjusting a position in the "Marketing" allocation cluster for the market in Germany.

Things to know about the individual clusters:

An allocation cluster refers to changes in credit card organizations (Visa, Mastercard) and/or credit card issuers (issuers of the customer credit card). These changes can have e. g. a commercial impact and affect significantly our IC++ customers. Should you be affected by this adjustment, you will find it in the usual and transparent form on your merchant statement. In principle, EVO always pursues the goal of a timely allocation to its merchants. Due to a downstream invoice verification process, some commercial changes can only be passed on to the merchants afterwards. EVO always informs its merchants in advance about upcoming allocations.