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Briefing form

Briefing form (en)

Briefing form

Please type your name or the name of the ordering party's contact person.

All communication will be sent to this address.

Please fill in your phone number including the country code, e.g. +49 (221) 12345-678.

Enter a short, but descriptive title (e.g. Update Fact Sheets Smart Pay Gui).

This is optional information: Name this and MaC will attempt to offer you your desired date (required date format DD/MM/YY).

Name a deadline for the latest delivery of the requirement (required date format DD/MM/YY).

General description of requirements (e.g. starting situation, target group, objectives, material required) and argumentation strategy (e.g. customer benefit, USP, advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors). Please note: An appropriate outcome requires a deliberated input.

Affected region or entity.

Specify the cost center and the associated department.

In EUR (unless stated otherwise).