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Tips for businesses in dealing with the pandemic

Stay in business

In the current corona crisis, legal requirements are changing almost daily - this calls for quick action and the short-term adaptation of processes! However, a crisis is always also an opportunity: those who adapt to the new situation, question processes and open up their company to new sales channels can emerge from the crisis as winners in the medium term. Here you will find the most important tips and ideas for "staying in business".

EVO LINK2PAY - sell online without an online shop

Offer your products easily e.g. via social media, SMS/Messenger, email, invoices or QR code and send payment links to the orderers. The customer is redirected to a payment page and you receive information as soon as the customer has paid. Now you can deliver or ship the goods.



Hygiene tips for your card terminals

To protect customers and employees, high hygiene standards are an absolute must. Offering card payments here is an important first step toward greater hygiene and customer friendliness. We explain what you should look out for when regularly disinfecting your card terminals.