Provide cashless payment

Whether credit card acquiring or giropay acceptance, we provide you with everything that cashless payment entails. On request, also with reporting, DCC and various disbursement currencies. Become our reseller or lead provider and secure attractive remuneration.

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A PSP partnership full of advantages

Variety for many satisfied customers: payment solutions that have it all

Rely on our solutions and offer your customers many advantages and different possibilities:

  • Smooth payment processes that provide more service and generate more revenue
  • Over 100 payment solutions for e-commerce, POS and omnichannel
  • Always up-to-date: Compliance with all legal regulations
  • High security including fraud prevention
  • 99% system availability and interfaces for the most popular online store systems
  • Good exchange rates for DCC through partnership with Deutsche Bank

Our commissioning models: select and pay out

To ensure that you are remunerated in a way that suits you and your business, there are three different commission models from which you can choose. These include, for example, discounts on your own service or revenue shares. Let's talk about it so we can find out what is most worthwhile for you.

Being successful together: taking off together

We understand our craft and yours. That is why we can support you with the solutions that are particularly in demand. Through many years of experience, a lot of know-how and the claim to simplify things, we are ready to write further chapters of success. Will you write with us?

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