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How is clearing handled and how do you receive your money?

EVO provides you with the billing documents electronically in the form of a PDF document. The documents are made available in the BIS (in the “Document Center” section). People with BIS access automatically receive an e-mail notification that guides them directly to the document. The billing documents provided present a summary of the payments processed by EVO, provide information about the flow of money, and are legally binding invoice documents. To offer you the greatest possible transparency, EVO provides three
types of billing document:

  • A clearing invoice is created daily, presuming that you have conducted successful
    card transactions during that period. In this document, the transaction amounts are
    listed separately by card type.
  • The daily account statement provides information about the latest account
    movements and contains the closing balance of the transaction statement.
  • The monthly invoice covers services from EVO, such as the basic monthly fee,
    transaction fees, andchargeback processing costs.

When you receive a bank transfer from EVO, the “Reason for Payment” will help you classify the payment.