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EVO Payments customer portal BIS

Recommended for all e-commerce merchants and terminal merchants with high credit card volumes. Girocard payments are not displayed.

With the customer portal BIS (Business Information System), you have an overview of your cashless payment transactions at all times - independent of time, place and platform. The BIS offers you not only online access to your data, but also the possibility to manage transactions interactively. Whether turnover, fees, payments, account balances, settlements or chargebacks - you can view all these data anywhere and at any time. With interactive search and filter capabilities, you can quickly find the reports and transactions you need.

To the BIS (Business Information System)

Always up to date
Since the data in BIS is updated daily, you are always up to date. However, you can also call up all data from the past 18 months. Do you want to export data for further processing? No problem: The BIS customer portal offers an export function in universal CSV format. This allows you to process your data in your own different systems.

Who is the BIS for?
We recommend the BIS for all e-commerce merchants and terminal merchants with high credit card volumes. Girocard payments are not displayed in the BIS.

And what about security?
The security of your data is also a serious concern for us. This is why the BIS customer portal is only accessible to a clearly defined selection of users named by those responsible in your company. These users receive the BIS access rights and an individual password from us, which they replace with a self-chosen password. Data transmission during work on the customer portal is, of course, also SSL-encrypted.

The BIS reports
Which BIS reports you can view depends on which services you receive from EVO. There are essentially two groups of reports:

  • The monthly reports are provided monthly by EVO. The reporting period used is the book month. For each closed book month, the corresponding report is created as soon as the book month has expired.
  • The online reports are updated daily. They can be called up either for a desired period of time or for the current time. This ensures maximum up-to-dateness with a minimum waiting time at the same time.

How do I get access to the BIS customer portal?
As a contractual partner of EVO, you can apply for access data to the BIS customer portal using a form. You will find the form in our download area.

To the BIS (Business Information System)

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