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From A for acquirer, to Z for "zero-rated": In our glossary you will find a clear list of the most common technical terms from the world of payments explained in a simple and understandable manner.

Term for the bank of a merchant (also acquirer) that authorizes credit card payments of customers and debits them from their account. The merchant bank bears all transaction risks. The acquirer receives a turnover-based commission from the merchant for the transactions submitted.

An e-commerce service as a risk management tool for merchants offered by card organizations in selected markets (particularly the US and UK) that verifies that the address provided by the cardholder for debit and credit card transactions matches the address on file with the card issuer.

Collective term for all online payment methods from third-party providers that do not belong to a card system, such as PayPal, Klarna, bank transfers, etc. Alternative payment methods are often country-specific.

Checking identity verification tools that merchants use to decide whether to accept or reject an e-commerce transaction. These can include whitelists, blacklists, BIN checks, velocity checks or even device fingerprinting etc.

Officially certified documents verifying identity, which are required to ensure that the customer is not involved in money laundering activities or terrorist financing.

The merchant's web developer creates a payment page and uses the API interface to send a transaction to the payment gateway. This can be easily and efficiently integrated into the online shop and allows the merchant to control and analyse the entire customer experience and order processes via detailed documentation.

Apple Pay

A digital payment system developed by the US company Apple for in-house mobile devices that enables simple, contactless payment both in retail at the checkout and in restaurants as well as in apps or in online shops. In addition to an Apple mobile device, users need a credit card from a financial service provider that cooperates with Apple.

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