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From A for acquirer, to Z for "zero-rated": In our glossary you will find a clear list of the most common technical terms from the world of payments explained in a simple and understandable manner.

PCI DSS (also referred to as PCI) is a set of payment transaction rules developed jointly by Visa and MasterCard to ensure the data security of credit card files.

This is a set of security and privacy policies and procedures that apply to all organizations that store, process or share cardholder information.

Payment methods are the collective term for all payment methods offered by the online merchant, such as direct debit (SEPA), invoice, cash on delivery, credit/EC card, instant transfer, prepayment etc....  The greater the selection of payment methods in an online shop, the greater the likelihood that each customer will be able to use their preferred payment method - this has a positive effect on the purchase decision and can contribute to a significant increase in sales.

Please find all payment methods here!

The point of sale (POS) is the place of purchase (from the buyer's point of view) or sale (from the provider's point of view). In the context of EVO Payments solutions, the POS refers to the retail shop (e.g. a retail shop, a café, a food truck - but also a taxi).

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