PCI certification Certified security and data protection

The PCI DSS is a security standard for protection against data misuse. This standard (detailed name: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) was founded by the leading card organizations. It applies to all merchants and service providers who store, transmit or process credit card transactions.

Why is it important to comply with PCI DSS?
The loss of card data can not only damage your image, but can also result in financial losses. PCI DSS compliance is important to protect your business and reduce the risk of fraud. PCI DSS compliance is reviewed regularly to protect all stakeholders. If affected parties do not adhere to the standard, they may face fines or restrictions, or may no longer process card data.

What do I have to do as a merchant?
The standard places a number of specific requirements on the computer networks of the companies concerned. As a merchant, you must regularly prove that your company complies with the PCI DSS. The severity and frequency of the checks depends on how many credit card transactions you process each year and whether they have already been the victim of a data attack.

Can it be easier?
Yes: EVO Payments offers its customers a free certification platform for simplified PCI-DSS compliance. If you don't want to worry about PDI DSS and want to focus on your core business, just use this platform. You are on the safe side because you meet all PCI DSS requirements.


As a pioneer in security-related aspects, EVO Payments has been a member of the PCI Security Standards Council since its inception, which has published the PCI Data Security Standard. The EVO Payments platform has been PCI security certified since 2004, although the standard has only been mandatory since September 2007. This makes it the first European acquiring platform to meet the high security requirements and has been continuously certified ever since.

You can find more information on this topic on the official website of the PCI Security Standards Council.

Are you an existing customer and have questions about your PCI conformity check?

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