Full service for cash-free payments in Europe
Our new POS solution for Europe
Smart solutions for established and international online stores

Full service for cash-free payments in Europe

Our new POS solution for Europe

POS solutions for pan-European usage

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Smart solutions
for established
online stores

Payment solutions for online stores

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Payment Solution Partner of Leading Financial Institutions

POS solutions for pan-European usage

With our solutions for face to face payments you do not need to worry about the complexity of payments anymore. We offer you pan-European acquiring for all distance selling and face to face payments. No matter if your point of sale is stationary, mobile or even different, with us you have a partner that never stands still and supports the dynamics and agility of your business. We support financial institutions, large retailers or corporate clients looking for a whitelable solution as well as small businesses.

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Terminals for all face to face scenarios

You can choose from a range of terminals for the different business needs:

  • traditional payment terminals for stationary, portable or fully mobile use
  • mPOS terminal for lightweight and fully mobile use in combination with your smart device
  • interactive and multifunctional tablet style payment device combining payments and business apps - standard as well as bespoken ones

Needless to mention, but all our terminals are of course PCI compliant, support EMV, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and offer contactless payments to accept contactless cards and other contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

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World’s first interactive and multifunctional payment device

Albert is something the payment industry has not seen before. It is the first interactive and multifunctional payment device worldwide combining multimedia features of a tablet with an encrypted PIN pad, card reader and receipt printer. Like a tablet, it is multifunctional, easy to use, and can run productivity apps that allow for a rich customer experience.

Key benefits

  • intuitive usage
  • supporting blind customers
  • fully mobile
  • replacing multiple other devices
  • suitable for heavy duty usage

Unlimited possibilities … to make money

Albert is not just another payment device in a stylish shape. It is future proof and completely changes the game. As a smart device with the possibility to run apps it is the perfect companion to manage your daily business and turns transactions into real interactions. Self-service ordering, increasing customer service by booking appointments, taxi service, hotel reservations, or movie tickets, social media integration – the possibilities are endless. By using Albert to up sell, cross sell and market affiliate offers, you can not only neutralize your payment cost but actually earn additional money.

  • easy to customize
  • variety of smart apps available
  • own app development (Android)
  • consolidates a variety of processes
  • create new revenue streams

Apart from securely managing your payments …

Albert helps you to

  • manage your daily business
  • improve customer interaction
  • enhance customer experience
  • increase conversion
  • boost your efficiency and productiveness
  • be more flexible
  • up or cross sell

Some examples of what Albert and its apps can do for you

  • taking orders
  • self service payments, even split payments
  • presenting items not physically present
  • setting up promotional campaigns
  • managing your stock
  • ordering supplies
  • market affiliate offers

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