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Prepaid Card Programs for Corporates and Organizations

Prepaid payment solutions are in use and accepted to very different degrees in individual countries. In countries where they are not very common, such as Germany, prepaid is often associated with cautious or minor consumers with low credit rating and is limited to the private sector. However, prepaid cards have a much broader area of use. Prepaid card programs and their electronic payment processes are also interesting and lucrative for large and small companies, organizations as well as public and governmental institutions. The scope of solutions in the business sector comprises especially:

  • Payroll and bonuses for employees, contractors, permanent and temporary staffing, promotional rewards and incentives. Prepaid solutions are at the forefront especially where banking facilities are underdeveloped.
  • All sorts of corporate expenses for employees who work in the field, such as travel and lodge expenses, equipment purchases and reimbursement for expenditures. Prepaid solutions for T&E expenses minimize scope for abuse, misuse and fraud.
  • Disbursements and benefits such as pensions, charity disbursements, government benefits, emergency relief, insurance compensations and deficiency payments e. g. made by airlines. Prepaid solutions provide governments and corporates with cost effective and near real time alternative to cash, checks and vouchers.
  • Target group appeal and customer loyalty achieved by discount schemes, vouchers, points and cashback rewards. Prepaid customer loyalty measures help raise customer awareness of the corporate brand and reward consumers by way of loyalty rewards and/or discounts. Ideal for providing a physical brand presence for virtual operators.

Prepaid Financial Services

In cooperation with the British partner Prepaid Financial Services, EVO offers individualized all-in-one or partial solutions for companies and organizations. The offered services comprise pre-launch market research, strategic development, cost-benefit analysis, finding adequate card issuers and processors as well as launch support and ongoing market planning, in addition to day-to-day program management.

Benefits of prepaid card programs of EVO and PFS in contrast to other solutions at a glance:

  • No credit rating required
  • Minimum effort for card issuing
  • No bank or account infrastructure of cardholder required
  • Full corporate control over the costs and the cash flow including reversal of provided card credits
  • Low investment on the side of the card program operators due to the use of the existing international infrastructure of the card organizations
  • Individual design options regarding card branding as well as the connected online portal
  • Individual limits for card credits and transactions as well as limitations for card usage
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Call center services in eleven different languages (English, French, Romanian, Slovenian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Urdu and Arabic)