Call centers (MOTO)

Cashless payment solutions for your call center (MOTO)

Do you want to securely and quickly accept payments in call centers (MOTO)? Our EVO E-PAY products support your business with the most common national and international payment methods and include proven fraud prevention mechanisms. We will advise you on selecting suitable packages and help you to make the right decisions.

EVO E-PAY LIGHT the low-cost starter package for card acceptance with few transactions

EVO E-PAY MAX the premium solution for lots of transactions

Your advantages

Additional sales
Profit from higher sales thanks to increased financial flexibility for your customers.

Intuitive user interface
EVO E-PAY can be easily integrated into the existing call center infrastructure and can be used intuitively.

Maximum security
Our PCI-DSS-compliant solutions offer maximum security and data protection as well as effective fraud prevention.