Finally, a calculable flat rate for your card acceptance

EVO PAY FLAT now offers you the services you are already familiar with and accustomed to from your mobile communications and Internet providers for your debit and credit card acceptance: our flat rate package customized to your sales needs and offering full cost transparency.

If your customer wants to pay by card for a small bunch of flowers, or freshly baked rolls on a Sunday morning, it's no problem – there are no extra costs for you apart from the monthly package price within your chosen EVO PAY FLAT sales volume*. And cashless payment transactions offer many additional advantages. In addition to speeding up the checkout process using state-of-the-art contactless card terminals, cashless payment is a clean affair and protects your business from counterfeit money.

Your EVO PAY FLAT 1,500 package

Card acceptance at calculable prices

  • The included volume covers an unlimited number of transactions
  • EUR 1,500 monthly transaction volume for Mastercard, Debit Mastercard (EC card), Maestro, Visa, V PAY card transactions included*, depending on the needs of your customer business
  • Transparent "all inclusive" monthly price with a minimum term of just 24 months

Modern card terminal included

  • State-of-the-art card payment terminals including contactless technology (fixed, portable or mobile with mobile data card**)
  • Network operation, maintenance (software updates, shipping of replacement device) and hotline support included
  • Welcome gift: Starter kit with one paper roll for your card terminal

EVO satisfaction guarantee

Try out the EVO PAY FLAT now with no risk thanks to our satisfaction guarantee for customers without card acceptance: generate 10% more sales within six months with our card acceptance service or cancel the service early.***

Your advantages

Greater sales potential
Leverage sales potential through higher shopping cart values and spontaneous purchases

Faster payment
No more long lines at the POS thanks to quick and secure contactless payment.

Effective cost savings
Quite apart from customer service and sales potential: thanks to the lower costs for cash handling, the additional payment options practically pay for themselves.

One-off activation price including card terminal shipping EUR 32.90
Monthly package price EUR 24.99
Monthly transaction volume for Mastercard, Debit Mastercard (EC card), Maestro, Visa, V PAY card transactions included* EUR 1,500
Welcome gift Starter kit with one paper roll for your card terminal

* If the transaction volume agreed in the EVO PAY FLAT package 1,500 / 3,000 / 6,000 per calendar month is exceeded, EUR 0.09 will be charged per transaction, as well as EU consumer debit cards at 0.70% / 0.65% / 0.60%, EU consumer credit cards at 0.80% / 0.75% / 0.65%, EU commercial debit and credit cards at 2.50% / 2.40% / 2.30% and non-EU consumer and commercial debit and credit cards at 3.00% / 2.80% / 2.60%. A chargeback in the event of cancellation of the transaction by the customer is charged at EUR 38.00. All charges exclude statutory VAT. Our Terms and Conditions apply. While stocks last.
** Mobile data cards are only for use in Germany and only in connection with the mobile card payment terminal transferred.
*** Offer only applies to new customers without existing card acceptance contract with EVO or a competitor: if you cannot increase your sales by at least 10% in the first six months of use after submitting the first card transaction to EVO, compared to the previous six calendar months without EVO card acceptance, you may cancel your EVO PAY FLAT package early in the seventh and eighth month of the contract. As proof, EVO requires a business analysis or written confirmation from your tax advisor.