We make omnichannel possible

The perfect combination for your customers: shop online and pick up in store. With the right omnichannel solution, this is quite simple and, by the way, also works the other way round.

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Payments for POS & e-commerce

This is what omnichannel can do

With our omnichannel solutions, you gain interesting insights into your customers' usage behaviour. Knowledge that you can in turn use to further optimize the shopping experience of your visitors in the retail store as well as in the online store.

Omnichannel creates omni-advantages

Rely on the most popular payment methods for your omnichannel business!

and over 100 other local and international payment methods

You can find an overview of all payment methods here!

You have the shop system, we have the solution

Comprehensive protection: Top security in omnichannel

When payment types and payment processes are centralized, security is the be-all and end-all. We ensure perfect encryption of communication, intelligent fraud prevention and the right risk management. In addition, we comply with all legal safety requirements and use the latest technology. Play it safe with us.

Know what your business is doing: Accurate reporting for the right overview

Get detailed reports for quick and intuitive analysis including CSV export. This gives you an overview of all payment processes at all times and allows you to optimize your offer accordingly.

Omnichannel made easy: Solutions to get started

  • Simple, intelligent interfaces for fast integration
  • Easy integration into existing system landscapes and SAPs
  • Technical support for onboarding and commissioning

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