Visa contactless transactions

Visa contactless transactions

Ever wondered why a transaction didn't go through? Now read an important tip for making Visa contactless transactions.

For contactless transactions over EUR 25 and a non-PIN-enabled card, the cardholder’s signature is required. The amount may vary depending on the customer, because it is customizable at the bank.

The following steps are necessary during the payment process:

  • Enter the amount to be paid and confirm it.
  • If the contactless transaction is authorized online: The display will prompt the cardholder to wait until the transaction is authorized.
  • The terminal issues the receipt, with signature field. The cardholder must sign the receipt.
  • At the same time, the display prompts you to check the signature (answer options “Yes” or “No”). To do this, compare the signature on the receipt with the one on the back of the card.
  • If “No” is selected or IMPORTANT: if no entry is made for 2 minutes, the terminal cancels the transaction. In this case, a cancellation receipt is printed.

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