Forms, flyers, operating instructions, acceptance logos, etc.


Would you like to download information from EVO Payments? Forms to notify EVO Payments of changes or to submit an application? A user manual for your terminal? Acceptance logos for the presentation of payment options in your shop? Here you will find all important downloads at a glance.

Terms and Conditions, brochures and flyers
  • Terms and Conditions, as of April 3, 2018 (PDF)
  • Merchant Conditions girocard, as of July 3, 2020 (PDF)
  • List of Prices and Services, as of November 11, 2020 (PDF)
  • List of Prices and Services, as of February 02, 2023 (PDF)
  • Card Acceptance Currencies, as of January 10, 2023 (PDF​​​​​​​)
  • Welcome brochure Card Acceptance for Card-Present Transactions (PDF)
  • Welcome brochure Card Acceptance for Card-Not-Present Transactions (PDF)
  • Flyer tip function on card terminals EVO TIPS (PDF)
  • Form to provide or change the merchant account (PDF)
  • Form to change the merchant master data (PDF)
  • Form for naming contact persons (PDF)
  • Form for ordering paper rolls (PDF)
  • Form for gaining access to the EVO client portal BIS (PDF​​​​​​​)
Short operating instructions POS Terminals (German)
  • Brief instructions for cashiers (e.g. on cash cut, cancellation and credit notes, PDF)
  • CCV Mobile Premium (PDF)
  • CCV Vx 520 (PDF)
  • CCV Vx 680 (PDF)
  • Ingenico Desk/3500 (PDF​​​​​​​)
  • Ingenico Desk/5000 (PDF​​​​​​​)
  • Ingenico iCT 220 / Ingenico iCT 250 (PDF)
  • Ingenico iWL 220 / Ingenico iWL 250 (PDF)
  • Ingenico Move/3500 (PDF)
  • Ingenico Move/5000 (PDF)
  • Verifone V200c (PDF)
  • Verifone H5000 (PDF)
Documents e-Commerce
  • EVO Payment setup for your Ecwid store (PDF)
TLS Certificate Chains
  • XML-Gateway (ZIP)
  • EVO-E-PAY-Gateway (ZIP)
Acceptance logos

With the acceptance of cards and other cashless payment methods, you as a merchant open up new customer segments. You achieve higher shopping basket values and spontaneous purchases and thus exploit your sales potential. To maximize these benefits, your consumers need to know that you accept these payment methods.

Most consumers are familiar with the logos of many payment methods. The sight of familiar logos on your shop website immediately and vividly shows them that they can pay with one of their usual payment methods.

As with all trademarks, however, the use of logos is only permitted under certain conditions and in compliance with the rules of the copyright holder.

EVO Payments Logo

zipped (eps, png)

EVO Secure Transactions

zipped, for light and dark backgrounds (jpg)

Mastercard Symbol*

zipped (eps, png)

ec Brand Mark*

zipped (eps, jpg)

Maestro Brand Mark*

zipped (eps, jpg)


Decal Sticker, zipped (eps, jpg)


Decal Sticker, zipped (eps, jpg)


Decal Sticker, zipped (eps, jpg)

Mastercard - ec - Maestro*

Decal Sticker, horizontal and vertical, zipped (eps, jpg)

Mastercard Identity Check

zipped (svg, png)


zipped (eps, png)


zipped, for light and dark backgrounds (eps, png)

Visa Secure Badge

zipped, for light and dark backgrounds (eps, png)

American Express

zipped (png, svg)

American Express SafeKey

zipped, for light and dark backgrounds (eps, png)


zipped (eps, png)

Apple Pay

zipped (eps, png)

Google Pay

zipped (svg, png)


zipped (svg, png)

eps giropay

zipped (png)


zipped (eps, png)

SEPA Direct Debit

zipped (eps, png)


zipped (eps, png)


zipped (png, eps)

* You are not sure which Mastercard logos to use?

  • Use the Mastercard Decal Stickers for physical locations (retail & ATM).
  • Use the Mastercard symbol for digital payments (websites & apps) and on ATM screens as well as on your marketing materials (to show that you accept Mastercard), such as your website or promotional flyers.

For more information on how to use the Mastercard Brand Marks, click here.

Notes on use

The two most important basic rules for using external logos are:

  • you may only use logos and brand names if you are entitled to do so, i.e. there is a corresponding acceptance contract.
  • You may not change logos and brand names, as they are elementary components of the holder of the rights' appearance.