Call centers

Cashless payment solutions for your call center (MOTO)

Would you like to offer reliable and secure card acceptance in your call centre? Then use our EVO E-PAY solutions and conveniently integrate card acceptance as a payment method.

Safe, fast and comfortable. EVO E-PAY makes cashless payment easy. In this way, you can offer your customers the service and freedom to pay with the most common cashless payment methods. This flexibility leads to significantly more turnover and satisfied customers. At the same time, the number of cancellations is reduced immensely. EVO E-Pay has tried and tested anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure that every sale is a safe bet.


Find the right solution now

And so that you receive exactly the offer that suits you and your call center, we will be happy to advise you in detail. Either choose one of our two packages or let us prepare an individual offer for you.

EVO E-PAY LIGHT the low-cost starter package for card acceptance with few transactions

EVO E-PAY MAX the premium solution for lots of transactions

Your advantages

Additional sales
If you also offer card acceptance when selling your products and services, your customers will be much more financially flexible and even more inclined to make larger impulse purchases. Benefit from even more revenue with EVO E-PAY.

Intuitive user interface
Easy to set up, easy to use. To integrate EVO E-PAY, you don't need to change or realign your call center infrastructure. EVO E-PAY is easy to integrate into your system thanks to its intuitive user interface. The application is also intuitive.

Maximum security
Especially in Moto-Sale safety is an important topic. Our PCI-DSS compliant solutions offer highest security and data protection as well as a very effective fraud protection.

All around carefree
With EVO Payments you get all products and services from one source. We support you with the acceptance contract, the connection as well as the payment processing. This makes it easy for you to offer your customers new cashless payment methods.