With card payment, the bill is settled right away

Lots of tradespeople are familiar with the problem of customers not paying their bills on time. You are left out of pocket and have to pay costs in advance. It's not so easy for small businesses to absorb such outstanding payments. Make it as easy for your customers as possible: state-of-the-art card terminals with integrated mobile data cards can be used directly on site and your customers can pay the bill right away by card, easily and conveniently.

With a mobile card terminal, which is equipped with a portable radio data map, calculations can be paid in the direct customer contact. So you don't have to sit on your expenses and you don't have to pay in advance. Especially small craft businesses can't simply put up with missing payments and get into financial difficulties under certain circumstances. Invoices, which should be paid by transfer, often remain lying. Unfortunately, this is particularly the case with crafts. We have the right payment solution for you so that this does not happen in the first place. If you bring a card terminal with you to the construction site, you will put off the fewest customers to a later payment date. At the same time, you present yourself and your company as a modern company that moves with the times.

Your advantages

Certain company success
Paid invoices secure the liquidity of your company. If you offer your customers card payment, you receive the outstanding amount quickly and can dispose of the money.

Attractive conditions
Whether as roofer, painter and varnisher or mobile all-rounder - we have suitable solutions for all requirements. Simply ask us about our package offers and secure attractive conditions for yourself. This gives you full cost control at all times.

More turnover
With a card terminal, you do not have to offer your customers any discounts in the future, for example, in order to be able to dispose of your money quickly. This pays off for you. In addition, your customers automatically benefit from an extended payment period if they pay by credit card.

More time for day-to-day business
Due to the fast processing you have less effort in accounting. No extra invoicing and no dunning, but valuable time that you can invest in your next order. Our tip: Simplify the price list for service and repair work so that you can invoice your services directly on site.

Satisfied customers
Card payment is not only easy and convenient for your customers, but also stands for progressive action. With a mobile card terminal you can show your customers that you are service-oriented and modern.